February 15, 2009

Making Time

Time has run off...leaving me speechless and saddened that I have not been able to spend the kind of energy here that I would like to. This blog was created for many of those friends who have asked me to write down my thoughts and insights. I am sorry to those I have let down as I am striving to live and lead life to the fullest- off of the computer.

The things that now flood my mind are the many times that life gets hectic and stressful, thus leaving this entire topic on the shelf getting dusty, in our relationships I mean. Don't we all find ourselves carrying a load on our shoulders and looking at intimacy as the last thing we want to think about? Realistically I think this happens more often than it should. In everyday life it tends to be set aside until everything else is done, and is everything EVER done? Keeping it alive often takes true effort, and when we are exhausted, true effort is the last thing we want to offer.

My goal? To place it FIRST. To put the dishes, the bills, school projects, the t.v. show (fill in the blank) or anything else aside until AFTER we have connected and shared our love as one. And for those reading that are rolling your eyes, I understand I can't entirely neglect other responsibilities. Realistically though, I manage to make time for all of these other things in life, and if I can make time for other things, then I can make time for us.

What I have noticed again as well is the drastic difference it makes in marriage when we DO connect on an intimate level. Every other thing on the list is manageable and less stressful. It may change nothing on paper but it changes everything at home. Having missed the connection and then returning to this love, I see my husband with completely different eyes. Our relationship is certainly stronger. It is one more thread in the knot that binds us tighter and tighter in heart. It is the thing I share with him and no one else! It is the experience we can laugh about, share inside jokes about, winks, and secret code words for and this makes life worth living. It is this kind of love that I commit to make more time for...

Wish me luck.


  1. Wow, I would say you wrote this post just for me today! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thank you, Amy - I love this blog!

  3. I must have gotten some influence from you back in the days when we got to hang out a lot! These thoughts of yours are not far from my own (yours are deeper and more put together). Thanks for sharing.