December 19, 2008


I've decided to offer information as questions come. I guess the sensitive reader can choose to read or not as they see fit. Most of the answers will be in the form of comments in return, and what I don't know (which may a lot :) I'll do my best to find out. Let me know if anything you've read is helpful.


  1. Great Mary story. The more I learn of her the more I am amazed. "Jesus The Christ" opened my eyes to so much. WOW!!! Everybody read it. It's not as bad as it's rep. I sat down with a dictionary and didn't once need it. WONDERFUL BOOK~

    I often ponder on how old Christ's mother was when he was born. I think very young considering how young people got married in those days. 16? 15? To not be married yet she must have been SO young. And to bear all this.