December 1, 2008


One thing that has always been striking to me, is the intense effort to degrade intimacy. There is no question in any adult mind that it is everywhere. It has been terribly misused. Satan has attacked the divine loyalty saved for marriage since time began, and here are a few of his approaches:

For some children- sexual abuse
For some teenagers- temptation to participate too early. (With such force it seems impossible to fight.)
Pornography- everywhere

and for some married adults....lack of intimacy-to name a few.

Hmm. (more on the latter to come.)

SO much emphasis in time, money, and thought have been placed in the arena of sexual intimacy, but my question is why? Why would THIS be the area of attack? What makes this the fall out for so many human beings? Why would Satan want nothing more than to destroy through this part of life? Why is this the number 1 reason for divorce? (true story).
What does he know that we don't?

Let's review one very important factor. In Latter Day Saint doctrine, we know that we lived before we were born. We know that we were taught and thrived in the life before this. We also know that we were sent here to be "tested." To make this possible, we were given one important thing...a "veil." Our knowledge was removed. Our memories erased and our faith was to bring us forward and progress. The point? Satan, who was also there, also learning, and also aware of this plan never received a veil.

His understanding of the purpose and potential of sex is apparent. We see this in his full throttle approach to ruin what sex is intended to be. It HAS to be essential. It HAS to be a vital source of happiness or it would not be challenged everyday- all over the world.

My next question then- What about it is so great? What is our Heavenly Father's desire for me? What is HIS vision of my intimacy? What does HE want it to become?

As true food to our thoughts...these are the questions I pose.


  1. I have wondered about your first questions also as I have watched loved ones struggle with what you mentioned above... abuse, temptation, and pornography.

    Why...why...why? Why does Satan use sex?

    I have come to many conclusions over time, but the one that continually sticks is this...

    Sex was given to us for 2 BEAUTIFUL reasons. 1. To allow us to become co-creators with our Heavenly Father and bring spirits into this world. and 2. To help us to become closer to our eternal companion. Two unbelievably important things in this world. Things that bring us everlasting eternal joy.

    But so much misery can come from this thing that can bring us such happiness.

    What other 'act' has both extremes attached to it? Drugs? No. Gambling? No. Murder? No. Lying? No. Nothing good and wholesome can come from any of those things. But with sex it is different. It can destroy people in one minute and bring them closer than ever the next.

    Like I said, I have forty million other reasons, but this is the one that is constant. I cannot think of anything else in this world that can be used for such extreme good and such extreme evil.

    LOVE that you're posting about this. I'll be leaving comments frequently, I'm sure. I'm not a "shhhhhh....don't talk about THAT" kindof girl. You know that already.

  2. Nay...bravo for ALL that you offer! Your courage to comment for one, as I know this blog will be tricky for some to want to be "seen" visiting, or asking questions, or expressing themselves...which I hope can change. You are an inspiration (as are you- Mrs. Olsen). Your insight, however, is what I would like to thank you for. True pondering allows true answers to flow. I already know you have taken this topic to the center of your heart as we've had many conversations about it. I thank you for allowing the rest of us to glean from what you've recieved. Keep commenting sister!

  3. That is one of my big hang ups. Overcoming Satan's pervasive "teachings" about sex. He has TOTALLY tainted the subject and made LOTS of things hard for me to understand and accept.

  4. Well I've finally gotten time to review all of this information, and wow I feel more and more convinced of how pure and great my relationship with my spouse can be. It brings light to my mind that indeed Heavenly Father's intentions are not to be let go.

  5. I agree with what was written but want to point out that everything that has been given to us as the most precious gifts available are also the ones most vunerable to attack and are very often turned into bad evil things. Take for instance your mention of drugs. Very bad, destroying lives, families, even entire countries. But most drugs come from plants, originally God's gifts here on earth, and even more so the flip side to this is the amazing medications that save our lives and allow God's hand to heal us through physicians and the like.