July 29, 2009


It has been quite some time and I am sorry. I suppose I was unsure that any one was reading this blog until today when I noticed a comment to be posted. As I checked this blog, I was surprised to see that there were 4,124 visits to this site.

My heart was full.

As I know this is a topic that is essential to a healthy and full filling life, I also know it is a difficult one for some to read about. Thank you to all of those who have taken time to read anything I have offered here. This has given me a renewed desire to jump back on this train and record my thoughts. And so...today I have a few.

Last night Mr. Napes and I watched the movie "Fireproof". For those of you who have never heard of this film, it is a Christian inspired story about a couple who is struggling terribly in their marriage. It is fantastic! Low budget? Maybe. Poor acting from time to time? Perhaps. Inspired and full of truth? Absolutely. The main character is played by Kirk Cameron, and for those of you wondering who he is...let me fill you in on a small secret of mine. He is the star of the old show "Growing Pains" and the heartthrob I used to have on my wall- poster form- in the 5th grade. I thought he was beautiful and still do, though the reasons are largely different from those in elementary school. He is a stalwart, faithful, Christian who now spends his time doing what this simple and humble blog has tried to do...strengthen marriage.

I think every one should watch this movie.

I was watching another show called "18 and Counting" (which I adore) and this very large family went to the premiere of this film. After watching it on the big screen, they were taken into the green room off to the side where they met Kirk Cameron and had some "question-answer" time. One of the questions the young Dugger boy asked Kirk was about a scene in the movie when the characters- who were married-kissed. He asked Mr. Cameron why he kissed the actress in the movie when it wasn't his real wife, and I was interested to hear his response as well. It went something like this: "I didn't. I value my marriage so much that I won't even share a kiss on screen with anyone who is not my wife. Not even if it is my job. And so...when that scene came, my wife put on the same dress and stepped in. I want you to know that I really feel strongly about this film- about fighting for marriage. I believe it so much that we worked around that."



I add my voice to that of the film. To keep our marriages "fireproof", we must dedicate our hearts to the one we chose from the beginning. Which takes effort and forgiveness. Which takes reflection and hard work. Which takes...

....intimacy and love.

Feels good to be back.


  1. I also loved that movie! Great "pr" for strong marriage and making it work even through hard times. I also liked how it wasn't the typical man-hater love story. Pretty sick of those...

  2. Thanks for the new post! Will definately have to watch that movie, it's good to have ya back! :)

  3. Thanks "napes" for yet another thoughtful post! I do read this blog and enjoy it very much! I will have to check this movie out...I don't know if you've seen "New in Town", but it's another cute one and PG.

  4. I loved that movie! (I too had a crush on kirk cameron... Who didn't?) My entire education class was obsessed with Fireproof. I think we all ended up renting it at some time. It's comforting to know that there are people out there that still value marriage. So much of the media out there doesn't!

  5. my husband and i watched that movie a while ago, everything you say is true, not the best acting but a great inspirational movie.

    i'm glad you are back, i have your blog on my google reader so i don't miss a post you have great thoughts and advise, thank you!

  6. THANKS for all your great post. Keep posting because I think this blog really does help people! It also inspires me to try harder to keep my marriage strong and intimate!!!


  7. I am excited to read more! Great job, I am loving it! :)