August 16, 2009

A delicate subject

This particular post is an informative one. I always like to be careful and selective in the nature and content on this blog and, am also feeling that I need to post helpful information to those asking for it. I offer a soft warning that the angle of this particular post is one of health and science. It is about orgasm. For those uncomfortable with the directness of my may want to check in later, or read the new post below. My husband once said that the word "sex" is much like a swear word to some people, which I respect. And if that happens to ring true for you...this may be a post to pass over.

Much of the learning that has occurred for me and for those reading has occurred through the "comment section" of this blog. The other day I was re-reading a post and the comments that followed when I realized that I had not officially posted some vital information. I am placing that here. I know that knowledge and truth is from our Heavenly Father and when we receive more... we have the power to improve. If this information helps anyone~ the purpose has been met.

It is obvious that I love this sacred topic. Anyone who has followed this blog knows that I would love to go back to school and get a degree in sexual therapy- someday. I have been given a desire to learn and study and increase my understanding of this delicate subject and have been enlightened in many ways through the scriptures. But, there is more from God's hand than just the spiritual side on this topic. There is also the beautiful side to it's physical benefits. By enjoying it and appreciating these benefits we show our gratitude to him. So, let's look at what those benefits may be.

With sex comes orgasm.

If asked how we feel or what comes to mind when we think of orgasm, I am sad to say that some people think it is not an OK thing. Some think it is worldly, others that it is sinful, but today I'd like to open the possibility to the strength it can bring to our bodies. Remember that I am a firm believer in keeping our personal intimate lives PERSONAL. We are commanded to uphold and honor the sexual detail in our marriages as sacred and private. That said, in the next few paragraphs, I'd like to offer fact.

Research has provided some incredible information about orgasm which has enlightened my heart with greater love for my Heavenly Father, as this is HIS design. He created this for pro-creation and the bringing forth of life, which is miraculous to me, but he also created the sexual act to strengthen love through pleasure and unselfish commitment in marriage. And through the latter...orgasm is possible. Surely, we know orgasm is pleasant, but do we also know about some additional benefits it offers?

Did you know that orgasm can:

~ strengthen our immune systems so we can fight off disease and other ailments.

~ create endorphins that are natural "fever relievers" which strengthen our health and well being.

~ create a threshold to pain.

~ reduce stress.

~ increase our life span.

~ cleanse and flush out toxin.

~ create a natural high and happiness ( a glow) to those who experience it on a frequent basis.

MANY fantastic things come because of this gift. God has given us an AMAZING way of taking care of our bodies through orgasm in marriage. He loves us and offers the deepest of all pleasure through this natural and remarkable act of love.

There are three different kinds of orgasm for a woman. There is the clitoral, the vaginal, and the blended. Learning more about our bodies and how these three are achieved, may increase our abilities to enjoy the blessings mentioned above with our husband.

I realize there are MANY women who do not or have not experienced orgasm, and there are numerous reasons why that may be. An orgasm for a woman can be very difficult to achieve. Each woman is unique in her own circumstances. May I suggest study, prayer, hormonal check-ups with your physician, questions asked, and communication with your spouse to identify some set backs that are very common and overlooked.

Intimacy is ours to learn about and enjoy under the right circumstances. It adds a richness to life that strengthens our spiritual and emotional relationships in marriage. It is a tool for closeness and beauty.

How I am indebted to my Father for his kindness in it's creation.


  1. Gives new meaning to "healthy sex life"

  2. I had no idea orgasm has this many benefits! I truly love this blog and the way you respectfully address this topic. Thank you.

  3. So, if I may can you achieve all three of these orgasms? I have always been able to achieve the first orgasm...but not necessarily the other two.